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Prairie at Ionia Ridge

This 233-acre area was purchased by the Conservation Department in 2008. It is located within the Cole Camp Prairie COA in Benton County.

Kahrs Boger Park

This 108-acre area was donated by Audrey and James Boger to be enjoyed by the public. The Conservation Department acquired ownership in 1981 and began management soon after.


The 80-acre property was acquired in 1992 and is comprised mostly of the remnant Hardpan Prairie natural community.

Scenic road on Amarugia Highlands CA.

Amarugia Highlands Conservation Area is located in a region once known as "The Kingdom of Amarugia," where a group of people formed their own government and had their own society.

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Accessible Outdoors

The Department is removing barriers that prevent people with disabilities from enjoying the outdoors. Throughout the state, new construction and renovations are improving access to Conservation Department areas, buildings, and shooting ranges.

Dove Hunting Areas

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