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Shooting ranges at Riverbreaks CA

Located in Holt County in Northwest Missouri, Riverbreaks CA offers over 2,300 acres of forest, grassland, old fields, and prairies. Winter is a great time to see the Missouri River flood plain from the Loess Hills along Route T.

Lake at Rudolph Bennitt

Bennitt Conservation Area is 3,575 acres of gentle, rolling terrain, and is mostly forested. Hikers, bikers, and equestrians can enjoy the Moniteau Trail. The area also offers primitive camping, a firearms range, and a 48-acre lake with great fishing opportunities.

Castor River Conservation Area is nearly all forest, and is home to the Blue Pond Natural Area. Blue Pond, over 65 feet deep, is the deepest natural pond in Missouri. It is believed to have formed when a cavern collapsed during the 1811 New Madrid earthquake.

Little Lost Creek CA

Little Lost Creek Conservation Area is mostly forested, with scattered glades, savannas, and fields. The area is ideal for birdwatching, has a seven-mile trail, and offers a good population of deer, turkey, and squirrel. Historic artifacts found indicate several tribes of Native Americans may have hunted on the area.

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The Department is removing barriers that prevent people with disabilities from enjoying the outdoors. Throughout the state, new construction and renovations are improving access to Conservation Department areas, buildings, and shooting ranges.

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