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Hiking trail through the woods at Walnut Woods CA

Walnut Woods CA adjoins Stockdale City Park, which is owned and managed by the City of Liberty. Bicycling and hiking is permitted on the multi-use trail, which begins at the parking area in neighboring Stockdale Park.

Scenic outlook at Liberty Bend CA

Liberty Bend CA was once the main channel of the Missouri River before the river was straightened. It consists of bottomland forests and old fields.

trail at Lipton CA

Lipton CA adjoins Santa Fe Park, which is owned and managed by the City of Independence.

Burr Oak Woods CA

Natural features on the area include steep forested hillsides along Burr Oak Creek (the namesake of the property), large limestone boulders and outcrops, restored prairies and woodlands, and a trail complex that will guide visitors through many of the listed features.

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Accessible Outdoors

The Department is removing barriers that prevent people with disabilities from enjoying the outdoors. Throughout the state, new construction and renovations are improving access to Conservation Department areas, buildings, and shooting ranges.

Dove Hunting Areas

Get a list of all conservation areas managed for dove hunting.