MDC Office Buildings Closed

To help protect the public amid ongoing coronavirus concerns, offices will remain closed in May while we work on a reopening plan to accomodate social distancing to keep visitors and staff safe. Conservation areas, including trails, are still open for public use. 

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cooley lake

Cooley Lake was once the main channel of the Missouri River as it flowed along the north side of the river bottom. When the river changed course, a deep oxbow lake resulted.

Rolling hills covered in tall grass with some trees.

Union Ridge Conservation Area is located in Adair, Putnam and Sullivan counties. Bisected by Spring Creek, this 8,262-acre area is a mosaic of woodlands, grasslands, old fields, prairie, savanna, and forest.

Shooting ranges at Riverbreaks CA

Prior to settlement, Riverbreaks was likely covered by a mix of forest and grasslands. Settlers cleared, cropped or allowed animals to graze portions of the land. The area is continuing to change and currently is a diverse combination of forest, grasslands (both new and old), and cropfields.

Univ MO south farm R-1

South Farm Lake is a 9 acre lake owned and maintained by the University of Missouri. For more information or to report problems, please contact the College of Agriculture Field Operations Office at 573-882-4450.

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You can access new places across Missouri for hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing through the MRAP program.

Accessible Outdoors

The Department is removing barriers that prevent people with disabilities from enjoying the outdoors. Throughout the state, new construction and renovations are improving access to Conservation Department areas, buildings, and shooting ranges.

Dove Hunting Areas

Get a list of all conservation areas managed for dove hunting.