Armored Harvestmen

Members of suborder Laniatores


Photo of an armored harvestman walking on the ground
Members of the armored harvestman suborder typically have rather short legs and live on the ground under rocks, logs, and leaf litter. They are predators.
David Bruns
Other Common Name
Armoured Harvestmen

Opiliones (harvestmen), an order in the class Arachnida (spiders, scorpions, mites)


Armored harvestmen have spines on their fingerlike mouthparts (pedipalps). Unlike other harvestmen, members of this suborder of so-called daddy longlegs do not usually have very long legs. Learn more about armored harvestmen, daddy longlegs, and other harvestmen (order Opiliones) on their group page.

Habitat and conservation

Usually found under rocks or logs or in the leaf litter of wooded areas.


Unlike other groups of harvestmen, which are usually scavengers, the armored harvestmen are predators, capturing and eating small insects and other animals they can subdue.