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Discover Nature Schools -- Unfolds & Unleashed

Date: Thu, 11/01/2018 - 2:00pm to 9:00pm


The Discover Nature Schools program, Nature Unfolds, is a program designed for students to learn about seasons, weather, life cycles, and parent/offspring relationships. Not only does the program meet the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Missouri Learning Standards, but there are also big benefits for students. Learning outdoors improves student physical and mental health and reduces attention-deficit problems.

Theprogram includes the follow items:

  • full-color, illustrated student book: See How the Turkey Grows
  • student science notebook
  • teacher guides with outdoor activities and lesson plans
  • grants for field trips and exploration equipment



The Discover Nature School (DNS) program includes engaging, hands-on outdoor learning that focuses on Missouri's flora, fauna, and ecosystems. This workshop will focus on Nature Unleashed, our 3rd-5th grade unit. Nature Unleashed focuses on different Missouri ecosystems (Forest, Pond, Prairie, and your schoolyard), plant and animal adaptations, predator-prey relationships, and more. It has already been correlated to both the Missouri Learning Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards and are designed to work with teacher's needs and existing curriculums.

During the training, teachers will become familiar with the teacher's guide, student guide, science notebooking, and the online Teacher Portal. Additionally, teachers will experience the activities and outdoor learning themselves. This will help prepare them to implement them and help with their comfort level. Teachers will also become certified to receive the DNS grant funds for learning materials, outdoor classroom materials, and field trips for their schools.

Contact Information

Sara Bradshaw (link sends e-mail)


MINGO National Wildlife Refuge
24279 Hwy 51
Puxico, MO