Report a Mountain Lion Sighting

The Department of Conservation wants to learn about mountain lions in Missouri and encourages you to report sightings. We have established a Mountain Lion Response Team (MLRT) and given special training to our wildlife damage biologists and selected staff to prepare them to deal with mountain lion incidents.

The Conservation Department conducts field investigations only of those situations that involve human safety, or where there is substantial physical evidence—livestock damage or wildlife kill, scat or hair directly linked to a sighting, or confirmed tracks.

Tracks that are characteristic of a mountain lion should be photographed and then covered with a bucket. Photos, plaster casts of tracks and other physical evidence such as hair or scat should be sent to the Conservation Department so that experts can examine them.

To contact the MLRT send an email to Mail photos, video or physical evidence to any of the MLRT leaders below. If you submit photos or physical evidence, we reserve the right to publish these photos on our website or in publications.

Alan Leary, Wildlife Management Coordinator
2901 W Truman Blvd
PO Box 180
Jefferson City, MO  65109
573-522-4115, ext. 3693

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