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Photo of a female American black bear
Black Bear near Forsyth, MO
Noppadol Paothong

Black bears and feral hogs make their home in Missouri, and mountain lions are occasional visitors. Learn more about them, their tracks and field signs, and how to report sightings.

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Bear Reports

Although black bears are native to Missouri, they were nearly wiped out during settlement. Now they're making a comeback. Use this section to follow our black bear research project, report bear sightings, camp safely in bear country, and control nuisance bears.

Mountain Lion Reports

Learn about the history of mountain lions in Missouri, track confirmed reports, and report sightings.

Feral hogs are destructive, invasive pests that wreak havoc on Missouri’s fish, forests, and wildlife, and must be eradicated. Thank you for taking the time to report a feral hog sighting or damage.