Food Preparation

Getting Food From Field to Table

There are many misconceptions about the proper way to prepare deer, squirrel, fish, and mushrooms for cooking. The Department has instructions for preparing your favorite meal with helpful illustrations, photos, and videos below. 

In This Section

Butchering Your Deer

Learn some of the basic techniques for butchering a field dressed deer.

How to Clean a Turkey

Novice turkey hunters are often intimidated when it comes time to clean this large bird. Just like a chicken or other fowl, there are two basic ways to clean a turkey: plucking and skinning.

How to Clean a Squirrel

Missouri bushy-tails make good eating — as long as you clean them properly. Nine illustrated steps show you how.

How to Clean a Rabbit

Cottontail rabbit can be excellent table fare, but first it must be prepared properly for cooking. We'll describe one way to skin your rabbit and get it ready for cooking.

Basic Mushroom Prep

You've been mushrooming. Now that you're positive your mushrooms are edible, how to you prepare them for cooking?

Preserving Mushrooms For Later Use

Sometimes you find more mushrooms than you can eat right away. How do you preserve them for later use? Here are some suggestions.