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Rolling hills covered in tall grass with some trees.
Union Ridge Conservation Area includes Spring Creek Ranch Natural Area, where you can see a rare native savanna habitat.
Missouri Department of Conservation

Union Ridge Conservation Area is located in Adair, Putnam and Sullivan counties. Bisected by Spring Creek, this 8,262-acre area is a mosaic of woodlands, grasslands, old fields, prairie, savanna, and forest. This conservation area was created in 1989, when the Conservation Department purchased the bulk of the property from Mutual Assurance of New York. The area had mainly been used for cattle ranching and was known as Henley Ranch and later as Spring Creek Ranch.

The area takes its name from a ridge on the northern portion of the area, which was called Union Ridge during the Civil War. There was also an active U.S. Post Office from 1864 to 1884 called Union Ridge.

A 1,769-acre portion of the area has been designated as the Spring Creek Ranch Natural Area. This area is being managed to restore prairie and savanna communities. Located in the south-central portion of the area and bisected by Route D, these areas were dominated by fescue when the area was purchased. Through the careful use of prescribed burning, they are being restored to a diverse mix of native grasses and wildflowers. Characteristic species such as big bluestem, little bluestem, pale purple coneflower, prairie clover, and leadplant are now flourishing, increasing the aesthetic appeal and wildlife value of these habitats.

Whitetail deer are abundant in Union Ridge Conservation Area. The area also supports good populations of bobwhite quail and other upland game species. Various songbirds and small mammals are common.

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From Green Castle, take Route D north 2.50 miles.
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