Preschool Programs

Friendly Reminders

  • Preschool programs are limited to 20 participants, who must be at least 3 years old.
  • We require a minimum of 1 adult per 10 children for supervision and recommend 1 adult for every 5 children.
  • Please let us know in advance if anyone in your group has special needs such as learning or physical disabilities.
  • Whenever possible, we try to go outdoors. Please make sure children are dressed for the weather.
  • Programs are approximately one hour long.
  • A group may schedule a maximum of one program per day with a limit of two programs per group per calendar year.

Nature Center Programs

A different program is developed each month for preschool-age children called Little Acorns. Find the current programs on our Events Calendar.

If your group is focusing on a certain topic or theme, please let us know. We just might have a progam that fits right in!

Programs at Your School

  • Conducted only during January, February, and December
  • Conducted within a 50-mile radius of the nature center

Snakes Sense

It only makes sense to be curious about an animal that “smells” with its tongue. We will investigate our five senses and see how they compare to a snake. Live snakes will be brought.

Nature Tales

Listen to stories about nature and experience first hand an animal or object from the story. Stories will change seasonally.

Boisterious Bugs

What’s all that noise? Bugs! Bug sounds are as distinct as bird songs. Learn about bugs and join the bug chorus!

Animals Wrappers

Animals Should Definitely NOT Wear Clothes, but what do they wear? Touch and see different animal “wrappers” in this program. A live animal or two will be shared.

Frog Frenzy

Frog and toad are friends. Add salamander to the mix and you have a group of fascinating amphibians. Puppets, books, live animals, and more will introduce us to these unique critters.