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Moniteau Creek Conservation Area is in Howard County, not far from Harrisburg. To reach the area take Route A south from Highway 124. From Columbia, take I-70 west to Highway 40 to Route J north and turn west on Route EE. At the intersection with Route W, Route EE becomes Route A. Part of the area is accessible only by taking Route A to Route W.

Moniteau Creek Conservation Area contains 844 acres and has irregular boundaries. The area is bisected by 2.25 miles of Moniteau Creek. The creek is subject to seasonal flooding and often overflows its banks. About 30 percent of the area is in timber, including bottomland hardwoods. The rest of the area is primarily open grasslands, although it also contains small wetlands.

The area provides good access to Moniteau Creek, which is deep and meandering and provides good fishing opportunities.

The Conservation Department is managing the area primarily for wildlife species associated with grasslands. Cool season grasses will include timothy and orchard grass, to which lespedeza has been added. Other acreage will be converted to warm-season grasses such as big & little bluestem and wildflowers such as pale purple coneflower and blazing star. To provide mast and diversify the habitat, pin oak, bur oak, and swamp white oak will be planted in some of the bottomland.

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Sunday 4:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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Saturday 4:00 AM - 10:00 PM
From Columbia, take I-70 west to Highway 40, from Highway 40 take Route J north, and Route EE west, then Route A to the area.
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