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Little Lost Creek is a partially spring-fed Ozark stream, characterized by clear water and a rocky stream bed. Brilliantly colored Ozark fish species, such as bleeding shiners, southern red belly dace, and stippled darters are found in the streams.
The 2,899-acre area consists mostly of oak/hickory forest, woodlands, and glades. A fall hike through the area provides visitors with dazzling displays of fall color.
The Little Lost Creek valleys and numerous side drainages feature intermittent waterfalls, chutes, and outcrops of St. Peter sandstone, which provides habitat for numerous fern species. Woodland wildlife, such as deer, turkey, squirrels and ruffed-grouse are year-round residents. Pileated woodpeckers and other woodland birds are common most of the year. The area also provides an important stopping point for numerous neotropical migrant songbirds.
Management of the forest at Little Lost Creek Conservation Area ensures that small openings are available for the benefit of many wildlife species and provides a continuous diversity of habitat. Open fields are managed by planting food plots and maintaining native warm-season prairie grasses to ensure food and cover for numerous species of wildlife. Fields of native grasses and forbs, woodlands, and glades are maintained with prescribed fire.
The area is steeped in history. Artifacts found in and around some of the fields indicate that several tribes of Native Americans may have used the area for hunting purposes. Daniel Boone homesteaded a few miles southeast of Little Lost Creek and it can be assumed that he would have also hunted game here.

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From Pendleton, take Route B south 4 miles, or from Pendleton take, Route EE south 4 miles.
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