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Indian Hills CA

Prairie at Indian Hills CA
Missouri Department of Conservation

The Conservation Department established Indian Hills Conservation Area with the purchase of two tracts in 1986. Purchases in 1990, 1991, and 2006 brought the area to its present size of 3,974 acres.

This area is a mix of bottomlands and gently rolling hills. Approximately 25 percent of the area is forested and the remainder is cropfield, hayland, or old fields.

Over five miles of permanent stream flows through the area. The South Fork of the Middle Fabius River and the North Fork of the Middle Fabius River converge on the area's east side.

The forest is predominately oak-hickory in the uplands and mixed hardwoods along the bottomlands.

The area features a managed marsh and several oxbow lakes, which seasonally attract a variety of wetland wildlife species. Ducks, geese, shorebirds, wading birds, and song birds regularly use the area.

The Department manages the resources of Indian Hills Conservation Area to provide public recreation and to protect soil and water quality. Management practices, including timber harvest, tree and shrub plantings, controlled burning, discing and dozing old fields, planting food plots, and permittee farming all help improve wildlife habitats.

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From Memphis, take Highway 15 south 8 miles, then Route T west 3.50 miles, and south 1 mile at the area sign.
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