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Hughes Mountain entices explorers with some of the most unique geological features in the Show-Me-State. The 1.5 billion year old Precambrian rock outcrops are among the most ancient exposed rocks in the United States. The rocks were once liquefied by ancient volcanoes associated with the St. Francois Mountains. Some of the molten rock contracted and cracked as it cooled to create multi-sided columns. A rhyolite formation, known locally as the Devil's Honeycomb, is one of Missouri's geologic wonders, and is the highest point on Hughes Mountain.
Sunsets are spectacular from Devil's Honeycomb as well, with its panoramic western view of the Washington County countryside. Prepare for a bit of a climb as you travel the one-mile trail to get there, but the rewards are well worth it.

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From Potosi, take Highway 21 south 11 miles, then Route M east 5 miles to parking lot on south side of road 200 yards east of Cedar Creek Road (CR 541).
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Killdeer nesting

Killdeer sitting on rocky ground. Black and white striped breast is prominent.
Killdeer nesting
A killdeer at Hughes Mountain Natural Area