Graham Cave Glades


Aromatic Aster
Designated as a natural area since
MO Department of Natural Resources
Graham Cave State Park
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Points of Interest:

  • Just off the hustle and bustle of I-70, see a natural setting that would have been a familiar site to Native Americans for thousands of years.
  • Enjoy a wealth of wildflowers and interesting rock formations.

Natural Features Description:

Just to the east of the famous Graham Cave rock overhang that was utilized by various Native American cultures up to 10,000 years ago, this natural area features a small slice of land that has retained its complement of native plants and animals over all these years. Sandstone outcrops, wet weather waterfalls and shelters add to the scenic interest. This is St. Peters sandstone which was deposited over 400 million years ago in a shallow sea. For a small area, the flora is diverse with both sandstone, dolomite and limestone outcrops providing a variety of niches.

Access Info

This natural area is within Graham Cave State Park. From Interstate 70, take exit 170. Head north and immediately left (west) on to Highway TT. Stay on this road for two miles to the park office. At the office ask for directions to the natural area. A hiking trail offers access into the natural area.