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Connor O. Fewel Conservation Area is in northern Henry County, north of Lewis on Route AC.

The area has a rich and varied history. An Osage Indian trail once ran by the springs, connecting Kansas City to Warsaw. Settlers also used the area as a community meeting place; evidence of their gatherings remain in the form of circular stone tables, campfire circles, and initials scratched into moss-covered rock overhangs. The outlaw Jesse James and the Younger Gang reportedly hid out near here, and a tree near the springs was said to be a "hanging tree" during those lawless times.

Connor O. Fewel Conservation Area is divided into north and south units, by a block of privately-owned land. The southern unit is characterized by crop fields, brushy draws, and reclaimed mine spoils. The north unit primarily consists of mature oak and hickory timber on rolling hills. The area features a wide variety of habitat and wildlife.

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From Calhoun, take Highway 52 southwest 3 miles, then Route AC west 2 miles.
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