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Diamond Grove Prairie CA

Prairie field found on the Diamond Grove Prairie Conservation Area
Missouri Department of Conservation

Diamond Grove Prairie Conservation Area is one of the largest tracts of tallgrass prairie remaining in extreme southwest Missouri. Land surveyors in the 1840s described the area as "rich rolling prairie" and Diamond Grove Prairie CA looks much the same as it must have back then.

The area is dominated by native grasses such as prairie dropseed, big bluestem, little bluestem, and Indian grass. Additionally, a wide array of wildflowers including Indian paintbrush, blazing star, lead plant, compass plant, and royal catchfly adorn the grassland in season.

Diamond Grove Prairie CA is a great place to see many grassland bird species including the uncommon Henslow's Sparrow. Short-eared Owls and Northern Harriers can also be seen in winter.

Recreational opportunities include hunting, hiking, bird watching, and outdoor photography. Deer may be found anywhere on the area with quail and rabbit being more common in the brushy fencerows and prairie draws.

Management of the area includes prescribed burning to stimulate native prairie plants, control of woody encroachment, removal of tall trees from prairie draws, and mechanical thinning of a 35-acre woodland located on the area. Cattle grazing occurs on the Carver Road tract from May - July. The grazing program is used to improve habitat for grassland obligate wildlife and is part of a long-term study on grazing effects on the prairie plant community. These management practices are intended to manage and help restore the historical prairie and savanna natural community.

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From Diamond, take Route V west 4 miles, then Lark Road north 1.25 miles.
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