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Danville Conservation Area is in Montgomery County, southeast of the community of Danville on Route RB. Mostly wooded, this 3,136 acre area features numerous narrow ridges between the tributaries of the Clear, Pinch, and Dishwater creeks.
Limestone glades, dry limestone/dolomite woodland, and dry sandstone woodland found on the area offer unique habitat for a flora that is very similar to the traditional Ozarks south of the Missouri River. The dry glades support pale-purple coneflower, glade coneflower, prairie clovers, and Indian paintbrush among many other species. The Danville Glades Natural Area is split with 48 acres being found near the northwest corner of the area and 313 acres on the east side of the area.
The north central tract was purchased in 1965. Historically known as The Snake Ranch because of the purported abundance of snakes. The large ridge on the east side of the area was locally known as The Dog Farm because fox and wolf hounds were bred and raised there in the 1920s. Additional land purchases, such as the Baldwin Annex (700 acres), the Thornhill and Shulze Annex (701 acres) and the Carlton Tract (198 acres) were made in 1982. In 2014, the Wansong Tract (492 acres) was purchased. Some portions of the area were donated to the Department while other portions were acquired through the Federal Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act funds administered by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
The area is popular with deer and turkey hunters as well as native plant enthusiasts. The unique geologic formations exposed on the area are best seen in the fall through the spring.
Cedar removal and prescribed fires are frequently used to maintain the open woodland and glade communities.

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From I-70 Danville exit 170, take the south outer road east 2 miles, then Route RB south 2 miles to the entrance.
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