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Clark Conservation Areas original warranty deed is dated 1978. The purchase was lengthy and complicated because the property was scattered across Clark County in 12 parcels of land. The seller was Consolidated Packaging Corporation, previously known as Crandon Paper Mill or Company (and in some writings was referred to as Crandon Tree or Forest Farm). The original purchase was 2,717.46 acres. The final purchase from Consolidated Packaging Corporation was made in 1981, which added another 98.5 acres to the total purchase. Portions of these acquisitions became parts of Fox Valley and Charlie Heath Memorial Conservation Areas. Today, Clark CA totals 736 acres in eight tracts. Early management by Consolidated Packaging Corporation of these parcels was for the production of pulp and paper to construct boxes. The company had enrolled these lands into the Forest Cropland System that was administered by the Department. This program was established to help prevent land use conversion of forestland by providing tax benefits to forestland owners who maintained their woodlands to certain specifications. Clark CA is mostly covered by timber. There were small portions of a few tracts that were still open in the mid-1960s, but these also have converted to timber. The paper company created plantations of trees, some of which were stands of cottonwoods and pines and are still evident. In the mid-1970s, a lake was built on private land damming Bear Creek. This lake inundates the portion of Clark CA known as the Bear Creek Lake Tract. The Department does not own the entire lake, as it is shared with three other landowners.

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The Nixon Branch Tract is nine miles north of Kahoka on Highway 81, then 1.50 miles west ongravel road 26. The Bear Creek Tract is 3.50 miles south of Wyaconda on Route A, then 1.75 miles south ongravel road 230.
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