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Capps Creek Conservation Area occupies 721 acres in the Springfield Plateau Section of the Ozark Natural Division.

Capps Creek, which flows westward to Shoal Creek, receives most of its year-round flow from springs, creating a coldwater stream that has provided trout management opportunity to MDC for more than 30 years. Both rainbow and brown trout are present.

Located along the eastern border of Newton County, the area is made up of small, wet bottomlands and rolling upland forests and grasslands. Stream and riparian resources on the area include approximately 0.4 miles of both banks of Capps Creek, another 1.4 miles of Capps Creek on one bank, and 0.2 miles of the right downstream bank of Shoal Creek.

The Conservation Department's multi-use management program provides increased opportunities for wildlife viewing, fishing, hunting, and other recreational activities. Management of Capps Creek Conservation Area includes techniques to create, restore, and maintain habitats for fish and wildlife. Efforts also center on improving water quality and sound forest management. Practices include prescribed burning, haying, planting food plots, and native grass mixes, and timber stand improvement through thinning, and commercial harvest when beneficial. Sharecropping agreements with selected area farmers result in grain crops left in the field for wildlife use during winter months.

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    • Rock Bass,
    • Sunfish,
    • Trout
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From Monett, take Highway 60 west 7.50 miles, then Wallaby Road south 1.75 miles to its junction with Jolly Mill Drive.
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