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Buford Mountain Conservation Area, located east of beautiful Belleview Valley, was purchased by the Missouri Department of Conservation from the Nature Conservancy in 1979. The area was named after its settlement in 1812 by William Buford, who acquired the land through a Spanish Land Grant. In the mid- to late-1800s, the charcoal industry flourished in the Belleview-Arcadia Valley and old charcoal kilns still remain over the entire mountain.
Today, Buford Mountain Conservation Areaconsists of3,823 acres of upland igneous forest.The highest peak of the mountain is 1,740 feet above sea level. Most of the mountain is hardened by granite known as Rhyolite, which serves as a testiment to the areas volcanic past. Limestone stream beds mark the base of the mountain and several wet weather springs can be found over the area. With the changes ingeologic habitat and scattered water sources, several unique wildlife watching opportunities exist.
The area's most outstanding feature is its glades, ranging in size from less thanone acre to over 10 acres. These glades provide many scenic views and excellent opportunities to observe rare glade plants and animals. Because of the sensitive nature of the plant and animal communities and very thin soils common to the glades, activity on the gladesare restricted to walking only. A small designated camp site exists by the Bald Knob glade overlooking the beautiful Belleview Valley.
Buford Mountain is home to wildlife species common to Missouri andis a favored hunting area for turkey anddeer hunters. Also with its 10 mile trail, Buford Mountain is a favored spot for backpacking and hikers from around the region.

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From Ironton, take Highway 21 north 8 miles, then Route U northeast approximatley 4 miles until you reach the parking lot and Area sign.
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