Brush Creek


An angler holds a palm-sized long-eared sunfish in his hand.
Longear Sunfish
Designated as a natural area since
Saint Clair
Missouri Department of Conservation – Kansas City Regional Office
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Points of Interest:

  • Wade or bank fish a scenic Ozark border stream.
  • Look for riparian area birds such as the northern parula and wood duck.

Natural Features Description:

Brush Creek is a medium sized creek with long pools alternating with short, well-defined riffles. The channel is stable with a lot of water willow along the margins. In the 1980s forty one fish species were recorded from the area, including the Niangua darter, listed as threatened by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Unfortunately the Niangua darter has not been found in recent years here perhaps due to a decline in water quality or streambed degradation upstream.

Access Info

This natural area is within Birdsong Conservation Area. From Collins head west on Highway 54 for about five miles and then turn left (south) on to Highway J. Follow Highway J south for about 1.75 miles. At this point continue going straight (south) on to the gravel county road. Follow this gravel road as it heads south then west. After a third of a mile or so turn right (south) and follow the gravel road straight south, down the hill, and into the floodplain. On your right (west) will be a parking lot. Park here and walk the gravel road a short distance south to a crossing on Brush Creek. A map and compass are recommended to explore the area. Hunting and fishing are permitted.