Blue Pond


Blue Pond
Designated as a natural area since
Missouri Department of Conservation – Southeast Regional Office
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Points of Interest:

  • Peer into the depths of the deepest known sinkhole pond in Missouri.
  • Look and listen for wood ducks utilizing the pond.
  • Enjoy the yellow blooms of spatterdock growing along the pond margins.

Natural Features Description:

This sinkhole pond is over 65 feet deep and is believed to have formed from a cavern collapse during the New Madrid earthquake in 1811. The pond apparently does not drain internally. The water temperature at the base of the pond has been measured to be 41 degrees Fahrenheit in May. A wide variety of floating and emergent aquatic plants line the picturesque banks of the pond.

Access Info

This natural area is within Castor River Conservation Area. From Marble Hill, travel west on Highway 34 and turn left (south) onto Highway Y. Stay on Highway Y heading south and east all the way to where the pavement ends at a “T” intersection. At the “T” intersection go left (east) on to the gravel road (County Road 708). Take County Road 708 east for 2 miles and there will be a parking area on the left (north). You may park here and walk the road north to the second parking lot if the gate is locked. If the gate is open drive to the second parking lot. At the north-most parking lot look for the trail to Blue Pond. Hunting is permitted. Fishing, swimming and boating are prohibited in the pond.