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The Desoto Unit of Black Island Conservation Area is located at the far southeast corner of Black Island. The topography is very flat and contains a combination of bottomland forest and old field type habitat. The forested portions of this unit are in various stages of succession as they were mostly in rowcrops in recent history. Some are young tree plantings, from 5-15 years old, while other portions were allowed to regenerate naturally. There are pockets of mature bottomland forest also.

Desoto Unit is directly affected by floodwaters of the Mississippi River. Portions of the unit receive almost annual flooding, but it is not uncommon for all but a handful of acres to be completely flooded. The topography that is present is the direct result of this flooding and is a testament to the power of the Mississippi River.With the diversity of bottomland forest, old field, and flooding patterns, a wide diversity of habitats exist on Desoto Unit, in turn supporting a diversity of plant and wildlife species.

Additional Information:
*All public use is prohibited, except fishing and waterfowl hunting by boat only, when the Mississippi River water level is at or above twenty eight (28) feet on the Caruthersville gauge.
*Desoto Unit is comprised of three blocks. The middle block has access directly off County Road 338. The smaller North and West blocks are walk in access only from the county gravel road.
*Non-toxic shot only may be used.

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  • Hunting
    • Deer,
    • Rabbit,
    • Squirrel,
    • Turkey
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DeSoto Unit is off I-55 via the Wardell exit, then follow the eastbound outer road south to gravel road 330 and turn east. Take road 330 for 2 miles, then go over the levee on road 333 south for 2.50 miles, then left (east) on road 336 for 4.50 miles. When the road turns south, park and walk southeast for 0.25 mile. Sanders Tract of DeSoto Unit is an additional 2.50 miles southwest on road 338 (from DeSoto Unit). Park along the road and walk into the area. See area map for walk-in access from road.
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