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Baltimore Bend CA

Grassland at Baltimore Bend
Missouri Department of Conservation

Baltimore Bend Conservation Area is in northeastern Lafayette County, between the towns of Dover and Waverly. The area is situated on the woodland bluffs overlooking the Missouri River. It can be reached via Highway 24, which forms a part of the area's southern boundary, via Baltimore Bend Road on the east, via Mobley Landing Road on the west, or via Brown School Rd. on the west.

The area has a rich history. The Lewis and Clark Expedition of the early 1800's passed Baltimore Bend on the Missouri River, and the area was the focal point of much of the river's early boat traffic.

The river boat "Baltimore" found its final resting place against an island in the bend of the river, giving rise to the names of Baltimore Island and Baltimore Bend.

The Conservation Department began acquiring land for Baltimore Bend Conservation Area in 1986. The area presently consists of 1,202 acres. The north half of the area consists of steep, wooded slopes with narrow ridges and drainages are broad and flat. Most of the open fields are found in the southern portion of the area.

About 80 percent of the area is forested. Primary species include oaks, hickory, basswood and black walnut. Native warm-season grasses and grain crops/idle fields provide food and cover for wildlife.

The area is managed for a wide variety of game and non-game wildlife. Deer, turkey, and squirrels are abundant. Grain crops, native grasses, tree plantings, timber harvesting, and timber stand improvement help create additional habitat for quail, rabbit, and other species.

In 2002, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service acquired Baltimore Bottom Unit, which is managed as part of Big Muddy National Fish and Wildlife Refuge. Refuge operations differ from those at Baltimore Bend CA, so check with the refuge manager for details. Baltimore Bottom Unit is open for fishing and hunting under statewide regulations. The unit is closed to motor vehicles, ATVs, horses, and bicycles.

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From Waverly, take Highway 24 west 3 miles.
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