Accessible Outdoors

Removing barriers that prevent people with disabilities from enjoying the outdoors.

Making conservation areas more accessible to more Missourians

The Department is working to remove barriers that prevent people with disabilities from enjoying the outdoors. Throughout the state, construction of new facilities and renovations at older properties are providing access to Conservation Department areas, buildings, and shooting ranges.

The Department cannot guarantee accessibility at any particular site or property, but the area search helps you find conservation areas that have accessible facilities for people with disabilities.

MDC has a variety of devices to help with casting, holding, and reeling. Contact your local MDC office to reserve equipment for your outing.

Mobility Devices

Wheelchairs (manual or power) and manually powered mobility aids, like crutches, are allowed anywhere foot traffic is allowed.

Segway-style devices are permitted only for use by people with mobility disabilities on Department trails, inside Department buildings and on roads both open and closed to public vehicular traffic.

Individuals with mobility disabilities use MDC areas at their own risk. The Department makes no claims that trails are designed, maintained or managed for any mobility device. Permitted use does not infer that trails meet ADA standards, unless the trails are so designated.

In This Section

Safety Rules for Mobility Devices

If you have a mobility disability, you may use your wheelchair, Segway, or scooter on MDC trails and public roads, but you need to follow these safety rules.

Other Mobility Devices

Get more details on what kinds of mobility devices are allowed on MDC areas and where they are allowed.