Safety Rules for Mobility Devices

  1. Your device must be operated at typical walking speed. You must yield to pedestrian traffic.
  2. You may carry an able-bodied companion only if your device is built for multiple passengers.
  3. Your device width cannot exceed the trail width and must have a turning radius small enough to prevent damage to the area.
  4. Any person that damages cultural or natural resources on conservation areas may have their privileges revoked.
  5. Mobility devices cannot be used on trails and undeveloped areas that do not support their length, width and weight due to natural features and topography. You are encouraged to contact the area manager to ask questions about trail suitability.
  6. You use MDC areas at your own risk. The Department makes no claims that trails are designed, maintained or managed for any mobility device, unless they are marked as Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) disabled-accessible trails.