Photo of a western slimy salamander

    Western Slimy Salamander

    Plethodon albagula
    Image of white crappie

    White Crappie

    Pomoxis annularis
    white heelsplitter

    White Heelsplitter

    Lasmigona complanata
    Image of a white sucker

    White Sucker

    Catostomus commersoni
    White-Lined Sphinx Moth

    White-Lined Sphinx

    Hyles lineata
    Photo of a whitebanded crab spider, yellow individual, on ox-eye daisy flower

    Whitebanded Crab Spider

    Misumenoides formosipes
    Photo of wolf spider with young

    Wolf Spiders

    Numerous species and genera in our state.
    Photo of common morels growing on forest floor

    Yellow Morel (Common Morel)

    Morchella esculentoides (formerly M. esculenta)
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    No photo available

    Yellow Patches

    Amanita flavoconia
    yellow sandshell

    Yellow Sandshell

    Lampsilis teres
    Photo of an eastern yellowjacket


    Most are in the genus Vespula
    Zebra Mussel

    Zebra Mussel

    Dreissena polymorpha
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    Photo of a Zebra Swallowtail

    Zebra Swallowtail

    Eurytides marcellus