Monkey Face Mussel

    Freshwater Mussels

    Bivalve molluscs in order Unionoida
    Photo of several prosobranch pond snails crawling on a rock.

    Gilled Aquatic Snails (Prosobranch Pond Snails)

    Over 20 Missouri species in former subclass Prosobranchia
    No photo available


    Various species in the genus Hydra
    Longnose darter side view photo with black background

    Longnose Darter

    Percina nasuta
    exclamation mark


    pond mussel

    Pond Mussel

    Ligumia subrostrata
    Spotted bass side view photo with black background

    Spotted Bass

    Micropterus punctulatus
    Photo of a pink planarian on a rock.

    Turbellarians (Planarians; Free-Living Flatworms)

    Species in genera Dugesia, Planaria, etc.