Illustration of box elder leaves and fruits.

    Box Elder

    Acer negundo
    Illustration of green ash leaf.

    Green Ash

    Fraxinus pennsylvanica
    Illustration of ladies' eardrops leaves, flowers, fruit

    Ladies' Eardrops

    Brunnichia ovata (formerly B. cirrhosa)
    Illustration of red maple leaves and fruits.

    Red Maple

    Acer rubrum
    Illustration of silver maple leaf and fruit.

    Silver Maple

    Acer saccharinum
    Illustration of slippery elm twig and leaves.

    Slippery Elm

    Ulmus rubra
    Illustration of tree-of-heaven leaves, flowers, fruit


    Ailanthus altissima
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    Illustration of white ash leaf, fruit.

    White Ash

    Fraxinus americana


    Salix spp. (about 12 species in Missouri)