Illustration of American hornbeam leaves and fruits.

    American Hornbeam (Musclewood)

    Carpinus caroliniana
    Illustration of butternut compound leaf and nuts.


    Juglans cinerea
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    Callery Pear

    Callery Pear (Bradford Pear)

    Pyrus calleryana
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    Illustration of downy serviceberry leaves, flowers, fruits.

    Downy Serviceberry

    Amelanchier arborea
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    Illustration of eastern red cedar stem, leaves, and fruits.

    Eastern Red Cedar

    Juniperus virginiana
    Shagbark Hickory


    Carya spp.
    jack pine

    Jack Pine

    Pinus banksiana
    Illustration of Kentucky coffee tree leaves, flowers, fruit.

    Kentucky Coffee Tree

    Gymnocladus dioicus
    Illustration of mockernut hickory leaf, fruit.

    Mockernut Hickory

    Carya tomentosa
    A closeup of an acorn


    Quercus spp.
    Illustration of pignut hickory leaf and fruits.

    Pignut Hickory

    Carya glabra
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    Illustration of sassafras leaves, flowers, fruit.


    Sassafras albidum
    Illustration of shagbark hickory leaf and fruits.

    Shagbark Hickory

    Carya ovata
    Illustration of shellbark hickory leaf and fruits.

    Shellbark Hickory

    Carya laciniosa
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    Illustration of shortleaf pine needles, twig, cones.

    Shortleaf Pine

    Pinus echinata
    Illustration of water hickory leaf and fruit.

    Water Hickory

    Carya aquatica
    Illustration of white ash leaf, fruit.

    White Ash

    Fraxinus americana