Illustration of a male bluegill


    Lepomis macrochirus
    channel catfish

    Channel Catfish

    Ictalurus punctatus
    Photo of a devil crayfish.

    Devil Crayfish

    Lacunicambarus aff. diogenes
    Monkey Face Mussel

    Freshwater Mussels

    Bivalve molluscs in order Unionoida
    Gizzard Shad

    Gizzard Shad

    Dorosoma cepedianum
    Image of green sunfish

    Green Sunfish

    Lepomis cyanellus


    Toxolasma parvus
    Illustration of a northern pike

    Northern Pike

    Esox lucius
    Photo of a painted devil crayfish standing on a sandy substrate

    Painted Devil Crayfish

    Lacunicambarus ludovicianus
    paper pondshell

    Paper Pondshell (Paper Floater)

    Utterbackia imbecillis
    Water springtails congregate in water above soggy dead leaves

    Water Springtail

    Podura aquatica