image of Bee Fly on leaf

    Bee Flies

    About 800 species in North America
    image of greenbottle fly on carcass

    Blow Flies (Bottle Flies)

    About 84 species in North America.
    image of Horse Fly on tree trunk

    Horse and Deer Flies

    Tabanus, Chrysops, and related genera
    Large crane fly perched on a white-painted surface, side view

    Large Crane Flies

    More than 500 species in North America north of Mexico
    image of a Midge


    Nearly 1,100 species in North America
    mosquito resting on a white fabric


    About 50 species of mosquitoes in Missouri
    Moth fly resting on a white surface, viewed from above

    Moth Flies

    Members of subfamily Psychodinae
    Photo of a tiger bee fly resting on the wood of a privacy fence

    Tiger Bee Fly

    Xenox tigrinus