Photo of a blusher, a tan gilled mushroom, showing injured spot turning rust red


    Amanita spp. (about 600 species, worldwide)
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    Photo of cluster of bleeding mycenas, small, capped, reddish mushrooms

    Bleeding Mycena

    Mycena haematopus
    Photo of common split gills, white bracket mushrooms growing on branch

    Common Split Gill

    Schizophyllum commune
    Photo of a fawn mushroom, which is a brownish gray, gilled, capped mushroom

    Fawn Mushroom

    Pluteus atricapillus (formerly P. cervinus)
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    Photo of two meadow mushrooms, at different angles, white with pinkish tan gills

    Meadow Mushroom

    Agaricus campestris
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    Photo of several purple-gilled laccarias, tan-lavender mushrooms

    Purple-Gilled Laccaria

    Laccaria ochropurpurea
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