Photo of a blusher, a tan gilled mushroom, showing injured spot turning rust red


    Amanita spp. (about 600 species, worldwide)
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    Photo of cluster of bleeding mycenas, small, capped, reddish mushrooms

    Bleeding Mycena

    Mycena haematopus
    Photo of a fawn mushroom, which is a brownish gray, gilled, capped mushroom

    Fawn Mushroom

    Pluteus atricapillus (formerly P. cervinus)
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    Photo of several reddening lepiota mushrooms, one showing gills and stem ring.

    Reddening Lepiota

    Leucoagaricus americanus (Lepiota americana)
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    Photo of young, golden cluster of ringless honey mushrooms on forest floor

    Ringless Honey Mushroom

    Armillaria tabescens (Armillariella tabescens)
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    Photo of shaggy mane cluster, rounded cylindrical mushrooms growing in grass

    Shaggy Mane

    Coprinus comatus
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