Don't Move Firewood


Tree-killing insects and diseases can be very hard to detect in firewood since they are often concealed under bark. Even seasoned wood that has no obvious signs of bugs, holes, or sawdust can harbor insect eggs or fungal spores capable of starting a new infestation.
Jim Low

Tree-killing pests travel in firewood

Tree-killing insects and diseases can hitchhike in firewood, moving much farther with you in a single weekend than they could in years on their own. Once in a new location, these invasive pests can start infestations that kill trees, destroy forests, and become costly to manage. The closest convenient source of firewood to your campsite or bonfire is also the safest source of firewood from a pest perspective.

How you Can Help

Help slow the spread of invasive forest pests—get firewood near where you camp and burn it all before you leave your campsite.   

Be on the lookout for invasive forest pests! Quick detection helps slow their spread in our state. 

Thank you for helping to protect Missouri’s beautiful forests!

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